In the latest iOS update, Apple has added a feature where users can choose to opt out of being tracked by third-party apps. Many have hailed this as a long overdue step in the right direction since the mining of personal data specifically on social media has been such a widespread occurrence. A less sinister example would be targeted marketing, but Target has proven that even that could go wrong.

As data scientists, objectively our task is cleaning, organizing, and visualizing data. It just so happens that parsing personal information is a part of that task. …

I’ve just now finished my first week in the Data Science Immersive, and am pleasantly surprised with the experience. Since I am mostly self-taught in Python and data analytics, I was worried I would fall behind. Luckily, my instructors, student success leader, and Outcomes coach have been very helpful in setting me up for success.

I am enjoying completing the labs because while they are a bit tedious at times, the repetitive nature of the questions allows me to retain more than I would have otherwise from just a lecture or group work.

My biggest worry when joining the course…

Afsara Ali

Always learning

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